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URBANICS 3 Workshop

Desde Lunes 13 Marzo 2017
Hasta Jueves 16 Marzo 2017
por Rede Íbero-Americana de Estudos em Polos Geradores de ViagensAccesos : 4175


Third Workshop on Urban Dynamics, URBANICS 3


The Complex Engineering Systems Institute, ISCI, would like to invite you to submit an abstract to the third version of the URBANICS workshop.



URBAN DYNAMICS, the set of processes and interactions that gives form and directs the evolution of cities, has received increased interest from geographers, economists, mathematicians and computer scientists. The subject has been approached from theoretical and empirical fronts, where models have played the role of bringing this increasingly complex body of knowledge to practice.

This will be the third version of the workshop on Urban Dynamics. Previous versions were successful on establishing a bridge between the different disciplines working on urban dynamics and on identifying relevant research questions for the future. On this version we hope to move forward, defining a research agenda on Urban Dynamics for the future.


Structure & Topics 

The workshop aims to bring out discussion between scientists on: 

i) City Dynamics Theory.
ii) Application Models. 
iii) Networks. 

The workshop allocates time for papers presentations, poster sessions and workshop style discussions on open topics that will be proposed to stimulate future research. 
The workshop will be held on March 13-16, 2017 in Pucón, Chile. Pucón is a small lakeside town near the Villarrica Volcano, a very popular tourist destination during summer (but very quiet and laid back during the dates of the workshop). Pucón is surrounded by a beautiful natural environment and it's a great place to perform outdoor activities like hiking, rafting, kayaking, climbing and fishing.

Important Dates & General Information
Extended deadline for abstract:      September 30th, 2016
Acceptance date:      October 31st, 2016
Abstract length:      300 - 500 words
Early registration:      January 31st, 2017
Workshop dates:      March 13 - 16, 2017
Venue:      Enjoy Pucón Gran Hotel, 800 kms. south of Santiago, Chile


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